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Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction Planning




Innovation in chemical detection has substantially changed...


In the wake of a global pandemic, see how Prevenitas is ready for next threat....


See how FacialAnalytics software is changing the tech and security landscape 


Machine learning and AI make object recognition a reality...


Drone advancements have made this tech a lethal threat...


Interoperability is the key to 360 degree awareness....


Being able to know where a shot came from saves lives...


There is prepared and then there is trained and ready....


The Prevenitas Perimiter™ is the  most effecitive way to...



Prevenitas is a respected industry leader and integrator of Sensor, Communication and GPS-centric tracking and operations solutions. Our proprietary “Single Pane of Glass” Command and Control platform is what makes them unique in the marketplace. They anchor the solutions, providing an adaptable, modular system to integrate 3500+ different communications, sensor and GPS device types and feeds with extensive communications and  reporting functionality.


This adaptability enables Prevenitas to excel in delivering advanced capability, highly functional solutions with key duty of care, security and traceability parameters enhanced by extensive training and client support.


Strengthened by years of proven experience in technical and relationship-based Sensor Solutions and GPS Enterprise Solution Sales, Prevenitas not only delivers the expertise, focus and technical prowess required to implement tailored, cutting edge, high ROI solutions and outcomes – they also deliver confidence-inspiring service.

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Stephen Sullivan, Sr., Co-Founder and CEO

is an entrepreneur and visionary in the security technology industry with almost 50 years of successful management and multi-stage venture experience in breakthrough technology companies. Steve "Sully" Sullivan helped lead the development of technology in the cyber security space for server-based applications for sensitive (encrypted) data “cloud” storage and access, as well as the development of highly secure transmission over open networks for the intelligence community, the US military, government agencies, law enforcement, and private sector global organizations for server hardening, end-to-end communication and data storage solutions. He has served as an advisor to a number of technology companies that develop mobile command and control systems. 

Steve leverages his experience and business acumen to help companies move from defense contracting to the commercial side of business and defining new markets. Focusing on the development and implementation of new, multi-stage opportunities for the monitoring and management of a national security-strategy, which targets the protection of state, local, and federal law enforcement for critical infrastructure by achieving digital/cyber resilience and security, particularly in global IT and cyber security. 

Sully has worked on information technology issues as an outside contractor as a “PC Services and Support Professional” assigned to support an IT Source Recruitment Officer with several teams that were responsible for intelligence initiatives against high priority IT targets.  As the Founder and CEO, he led the development and commercialization of two major healthcare service technology companies.

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Jeffrey S. Muller, Co-Founder and President

is the paragon of skill sets to head the company. He is a security specialist with a unique blend of over 30 years of military leadership (Navy), federal law enforcement operations (FBI), national security / counterterrorism / weapons of mass destruction program development and implementation (White House), and major criminal/national security threat response operations and investigative experience.


Jeff has broad international experience with major foreign military forces, police services, national security agencies and intelligence organizations. He has spent 21 years as a Supervisory Special Agent of the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he was a Co-Founder of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate and developer and founder of INTERPOL’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Directorate. 

He has been directly involved in the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) arena for over 20 years as a special agent and executive with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he conducted threat vulnerability assessments and developed countermeasures and prevention programs for all 18 sectors of U.S. Critical Infrastructure. Jeff directed experts from 190 INTERPOL member countries to accomplish all activities related to CBRNE and CIP and has chaired the United Nations (UN) Working Group on CIP including Internet, Vulnerable Targets and Tourism Security (which is comprised of representatives from 34 UN agencies) and has represented INTERPOL as the Secretary of State/Foreign Minister at the 2014 Hague Nuclear Security Summit. 


Jeff is the originator of the Global Alliance to Combat Improvised Explosive Device Leaders Forum which included representatives from 84 countries. 

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 or send us a note at



 Send us a note at

For other immediate questions please call our President,
Jeffrey Muller at 410-983-1621


Board of Directors

Rear Admiral (Ret) Paul Becker

Chief Executive Officer - The Becker T3 Group

Director for Intelligence (J2) on the Joint Chiefs of Staff  

Director for Intelligence with United States Pacific Command


Vice Admiral (Ret) Philip Cullom
Senior Military Leader  

Fleet Readiness and Logistics (N4) Deputy Chief of Naval Operations 

Director of Defense Policy/Arms Control on the National Security Council


Dr. Vahid Majidi
Executive Vice President and Director - Savannah River National Laboratory Nuclear Solutions  | Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs Interagency Assistant Director | Federal Bureau of Investigation, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate


Dr. James Weinstein
Senior Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare, Head of Innovation and Health Equity Chief Executive Officer and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health 


Board of Advisors

The Honorable Louis J. Freeh
Founder The Freeh Group International Solutions

Director of The Federal Bureau of Investigation


Thomas Von Essen

Regional Administrator of FEMA Region II

Fire Commissioner - Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) during 9/11

Daniel M. Donovan, Jr.

Former Member, United States Congress, Homeland Security Committee (Chairman: subcommittee Emergency Preparedness and Response) | (Member: subcommittee Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection)

Foreign Affairs Committee (Member: Middle East and North Africa subcommittee)

Former District Attorney of Richmond County, NYC

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