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This system is based on a patented DARPA approved acoustic sensor network solution that detects the presence of gunfire and automatically locates the source. It then transmits a shooter location alert to systems that can cue cameras, inform responders and warn the public.


 System sensors self-organize to better understand the bigger picture and provide a result that can be trusted for its reliability. The fact of the matter is, this technology saves lives and reduces damage by providing responders with the critical information they need to accelerate tactical response, neutralize threats and secure EMS care to victims.


There are still more advantages. This system can aid in the prosecution of criminals using guns in the streets, and can mitigate large catastrophes by triggering automated evacuations or lockdown protocols. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments, the system includes a variety of sensors that can be mounted on walls, ceilings or integrated into outdoor lighting. This kind of flexibility makes this system ideal for schools and other large, mixed structure environments.


The system is comprised of a series of components working together automatically to detect, isolate, analyze and report gunshots. These components include:


• Individual Sensor Nodes

Each individual sensing node is a four-channel microphone array that continuously measure the environment for both muzzle blast and bullet shockwave signatures. It then reports detection parameters to a centralized fusion processor.


• Networked Performance

When detection reports from multiple sensor nodes are received, the fusion processor evaluates the data incorporating geometry of the reporting sensors and analyzing the entire event from varying perspectives. This is the patented, multisource sensor fusion method.


• Proprietary Software

Each node reports time-stamped detections to our proprietary sensor fusion software. The software is typically hosted in the cloud but can be installed on a small, single board computer like the one pictured below. This fusion module combines detection reports from a group of sensor nodes and resolves the location of the source. In outdoor installations, the fusion module detects and analyzes shock waves to determine bullet trajectory.


• Simplified Installation

Our sensors were designed to dramatically reduce the effort and expense often associated with the installation of advanced monitoring and security systems. The units can be installed by existing security installation professionals, without the need for extensive training on the platform. Indoor systems mount similar to smoke detectors with a rotating mounting plate that allows for optimal orientation of the sensors, with sensors placed in a manner to best maximize coverage. Each node plugs into a standard Ethernet cable for power and data.


• Flexible Form Factor

Our proprietary design requires very little physical space. All circuitry is mounted on a small board that can be incorporated into many other existing hardware platforms including lighting fixtures. In fact, the company is now working with several well-known exterior lighting manufacturers to incorporate our sensors into their commercial lighting solutions. Our systems are ideally suited for such applications, as all key components have additional weatherproofing, and were designed for optional wireless connectivity as needed.

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