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Basic Awareness Training 

This one-hour course will enlighten you and your team to the current state of drone proliferation and aggression throughout the world, and provide you with some simple steps you can take with or without counter-UAS technology.

Aggressor Drone Concepts of Operations Training

This multi-day follow-on session will provide detailed training on how aggressor drones are operating and will include field demonstrations with representative drone systems, highlighting counter-UAS tactics that are currently being utilized. This segment of training can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

Recurring Tactics Training

After initial training is complete, you and your team will want to maintain your newly-acquired skill set by conducting refresher training and recurring field exercises. This is when our aggressor drone squadron, the RAQ-1 Stingers, comes into play. RAQ-1 is a mobile training team that visits your training site to play the part of the “bad guy” for your field exercises, allowing you to practice your tactics against real threats who are aggressively trying to defeat you. RAQ-1 will arrive armed with a fleet of threat representative drones that can fly aggressive swarm attacks on your team to let them practice their tactics. Plus, we will bring the latest counter-UAS tactics we have seen employed by other police departments and security agencies, as well as in military combat operations. RAQ-1 provides updates on the latest threat advances, and insights on how to best modify your TTPs to counter it. With RAQ-1, you will always be advancing your tactics and technology as the threat evolves.   

Tactics Manual Development

Our experts will assist your team in the drafting of your own Counter-UAS Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) Manual. Starting with a basic manual outline that we have already created, we will customize the tactics manual to your workforce, your operational environkent and your budget.

Technology Selection and Test

If your tactics manual includes the use of counter-UAS technologu, our system experts and test professionals will help you identify the right types of systems to meet your needs. We will design the appropriate test to compare and contrast the systems so that you can select the right one that is most appropriate to your operational scenarios, and budgetary needs.

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