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Partnering with Prevenitas means that you will be collaborating with the leading designer and manufacturer of specialized test equipment for high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, flat sheet media, filter cartridges and respirators used by government, military and commercial organizations worldwide. We continue to be an innovator, delivering new

technologies in CBRNE Detection, including biological threat detection and military respirator mask testing.

 The Polaron F10 is the state-of-the-art in the real-time detection of airborne biological threats. Using patent-pending technology based on polarized elastic light scattering, the Polaron has the capacity to detect and classify aerosol particles to 0.5 micron sensitivity (including small particles with weak fluorescence properties). It rapidly and reliably detects all four classes of biological agents at low concentrations with low false-alarm rates.


Polaron monitors air continuously and provides early-warning alarms of potential aerosol threats. It transmits information as a first-tier “trigger” in a networked system for variety of applications:


  • Building Protection

  • Mass Transit Security

  • Special Event Monitoring

  • Force and base Protection

Additional Benefits:

  • More coverage – affordable, compact, lightweight

  • Best-in-class sensitivity – capable of detecting singlet particles in all agent classes (spore, bacteria, virus, toxin)

  • Low false alarm rates – advanced algorithms for classifying aerosol backgrounds versus anomalies

  • Fast response – alarms can automatically initiate aerosol sample collectors

  • High confidence – extensive US Government testing


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