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In a span of over 15 years, Prevenitas developed patented technology to detect trace chemicals in the air, at the level if single molecules – the ultimate sensitivity level.  It enables Real-Time non-contact detection of Explosives, Narcotics, Radiation, Chemical Weapons and Disease for the very first time and has been successfully tested across various multibillion dollar sectors of the healthcare and security industries.

NMT detects extremely low concentrations of charged entities such as molecular ions (for example, the molecular ion of TNT or Novichok). The ability to detect and measure very low concentrations of molecular ions has many potential applications. They have concentrated on developing its technology to detect exceptionally low concentrations of explosives and chemical weapon agents in the air, and low concentrations of biomarkers of disease in the breath of patients. There are obvious needs in these sectors to develop highly sensitive detectors.


Currently, the state-of-the-art method for detecting explosives, chemical weapons and biomarkers, is by measuring small electrical currents caused by the charges on their molecular ions. The detector that does this is known as a Faraday Plate detector.


NMT takes a completely different and conceptually novel approach. If we use the example of TNT, instead of amplifying an electrical signal, NMY “amplifies” the physical volume of each TNT ion by up to a billion times, by “tagging” it with a specially generated nano-particle. The nano-particles are relatively simple proprietary spherical particles with a special surface, so that all ions which have passed through the identification process described above, will stick to the particle and become “tagged.” Therefore, tagging is an instant increase in volume from a molecular (e.g. 0.3nm to 0.5nm) size up to the readily detectable size of hundreds of manometers.


In the Military and Security sector, government agencies in the US, UK and Europe are in need of this advanced technology. With the constant reports of Terror Attacks, and illegal Narcotics dominating headlines besieging the media, the world has never seemed more vulnerable to threat. This capability allows highly sensitive detection parameters by simply breathing the air. Regardless of the type of threat, the first line of defense across the board has always been early detection – Prevenitas provides the ultimate sensitivity and Real-Time detection.


Currently, Prevenitas is collaborating with L3 and Smiths Detection to develop the next generation of security and military products based on the ability to detect trace threats such as concealed explosives and chemicals.

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