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Our development partner has created a core technology that utilizes proprietary information processing methods and advanced embedded systems algorithms that “make sensors smarter.”™ Using this breakthrough technology, Prevenitas supports the global defense and security markets, providing two core products, backed by 18-patented and patent pending innovations, addressing the significant global issues of:


  • Weapons and Threat Detection

  • Terrorism and National Security threats, specifically those that are potentially avoidable with advanced metal detection technology


Together with its partner, Prevenitas has developed a product line specifically for the People Screening market. What’s more, it has been fully tested and vetted by the Military. Most products today focus on “after the gunshot” technologies and slow, resource intensive techniques to abate gun violence and screen patrons in venues ranging from sporting events and schools to military checkpoints.


Prevenitas technology differs by focusing on the advanced detection of concealed or overt threats and have the ability to alert security personnel of a potential threat in real-time. Using a technology that detects an event as it is occurring gives security personnel those precious moments that enable them to respond and save lives.


Our product line provides the user an image of the suspect and identifies in detail the exact location of the weapon, even among a group of people. Military service agencies around the globe have successfully enlisted our technology, resulting in the confiscation of contraband, and greatly reducing the risk of attack to the general public.


For National Security and Counter-Terrorism applications, our product lines offer easy-to-use, smaller and less cost prohibitive solutions which . Our products provide more useful and usable data for the United States Military to combat mine warfare, submarine warfare, and road-side bomb-based threats. These products are rapidly emerging in numerous markets, such as border security, law enforcement, park services, municipalities, industrial security, critical systems infrastructure and even the oil and critical infrastructure industry used to map utility lines and related piping.

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